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After getting our home ducts sealed with Aeroseal, our heating and cooling bills went down by 33%, amazing.  Don’t wait any longer.

Rowdy JohnsonMount Pleasant, SC

Had Charleston Aeroseal installed at our entire apartment complex, saved over $10k in energy just in 2014.  If you live in the Carolina’s this is a must do to prevent heating and cooling loss.

Ali SanchezCharleston, SC

I have been using them for my place of business for over 3 years. Charleston Aeroseal & Myers is the only company i can trust.  We used them for HVAC, now duct sealing and can’t be happier.


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Why Call Charleston Aeroseal?

Are your air ducts leaking? Are you spending more on your heating and/or air conditioning than you think you should? Then aeroseal technology may be a great option for sealing the leaks and lowering your energy costs.

When you call us, one of our skilled and experienced technicians will come evaluate the ducts in your home or business. We’ll determine if there are any leaks and, if they exist, where they are and how bad they are. Then, we’ll use patented Aeroseal technology to seal those leaks so your hot and cold air won’t escape anymore, but will make it into your home where you need it most.

What is Aeroseal?

Aeroseal tackles leaks from the inside out. The technology detects leaks, then helps polymer products to seal to the edges of the leaks. As we insert more polymer, it begins to seal to itself, too. By the time we are done, the entire leak is filled with polymer and air can no longer escape.

After we perform the Aeroseal process, we’ll evaluate your ducts again. This computer process will tell us whether the sealing was successful, or whether we need to add more polymer and go through that part of the process again.

We won’t leave until you are happy with your Aeroseal duct sealing. We are happy to answer any questions you might have, and we will stay until you are satisfied that your ducts aren’t leaking anymore.

The Benefits of HVAC Duct Sealing

The aeroseal process has many benefits. You will see some of them right away, while other may take some time to show up. Either way, the process often pays for itself over the years. Benefits include:

  • Hot and cold air no longer escape. This means that you will receive the full benefit of running your heater and air conditioner. All of the hot or cold air generated will make it into your home. This means that these machines will work more efficiently.
  • You save money. You should see savings on your utility bills right away, especially if your ducts had significant leaks. Because your heater and A/C don’t have to work as hard, you won’t spend as much on energy costs. In addition, your heater and A/C should last longer because they won’t have to run as often or as long. This saves them wear and tear and so you won’t have to repair or replace them as frequently.
  • You’ll have less dust in your home. When your ducts are leaking, they can pull in dust and other particulates from outside your home and push them through the air system. When those leaks are sealed, the dust will stay outside where it belongs. You may see a reduction in allergies or asthma problems inside your home.

If you’re ready to investigate whether the Aeroseal process would benefit your home, give us a call today. We’ll send out an expert to evaluate your home and give you an honest report. If Aeroseal is right for you, we’ll find a time that’s convenient for you and come seal all of the leaks in your HVAC ducts.