Interested in Aeroseal but not quite sure exactly how it works? Here’s everything you need to know!

Aeroseal is a patented technology that deals with duct leaks from the inside out. It pressurizes the air that is escaping from your ducts, then makes polymer products stick to the edges of the leak first. After that, they stick to each other until they seal the leak and your air can’t escape anymore.

If you choose to have the Aeroseal process applied to your home or business, here’s what will happen.

  1. We will prepare your system. We’ll plug all of your air registers with foam so that the air has to escape out the leaks in your system. We will also block your air conditioner’s indoor coil, your fan, and your furnace with foam, so they don’t get sealant particles in them. We’ll cut a small hole in your air supply or return and attach a small, temporary collar.
  2. We will pretest your system. Most homes leak 30-40%, but we want to know the exact number for your ducts. To do this test, we’ll hook up the Aeroseal machine to your system using lay flat tubing. We’ll run our test and let you know exactly what we find.
  3. We will seal your ducts. Once the test is finished, we’ll inject the non-toxic polymer into your system. As it leaves your ductwork via the leaks, it will begin to collect around the edges. As we continue to run the Aeroseal machine, the continuous movement of air will keep the particles flowing. They will begin to attach to each other until they have covered your leaks completely. We will monitor the process in real time, so you can see how effective it is. Usually, it only takes 1-2 ounces of sealant to get rid of your leaks.
  4. We will show you the results. Our computers will generate a report that shows you exactly how much success the Aeroseal process had in leak-proofing your system. You will get to see where you leak percentage was at before and after the Aeroseal process, so you can rest assured that the process worked for you.
  5. Enjoy your clean air and save money. Aeroseal doesn’t just keep air from escaping your ducts, it also keeps dust and debris from getting in. Thus, your air should be significantly cleaner after Aeroseal. You may also save money because the warm or cold air in your ducts will be blowing into your home, not getting lost somewhere on the way.

Would you like to learn more?

If you think Aeroseal might be for you or you have some questions about the process, give us a call. We would be happy to come out and take a look at your home or talk to you in more depth about what we do and how it might be able to help you and your family live better.