a man stands ready to perform duct sealing in hanahan

Are you tired of struggling with allergy and asthma symptoms or do you want to save money on energy costs? These are only two of the benefits you could reap from having duct sealing in Hanahan. We use a special product called Aeroseal in Hanahan. This is odorless and shouldn’t bother any sensitivities while still sealing your ducts so your home can run better.

How does Aeroseal work?

Not sure if Aeroseal is right for you? We don’t blame you! We were incredulous when we first heard of duct sealing, too! However, we tried it and saw that it worked and, since then, we’ve seen it work for customer after customer. Call us today and we would be happy to talk you through all of the ways that it might be perfect for you.

Sealing your ductwork in Hanahan can lead to several benefits. One that nearly everyone sees is home energy saving in Hanahan, which leads to lower energy bills. When you seal up the holes in your ducts, your HVAC systems won’t have to work as hard to keep your home hot or cold. When so much more of the air they generate goes into your home, rather than out into the world, their job is easier and it costs less to run them. Most customers see fast results after installing Aeroseal in Hanahan.

Duct sealing can also help get allergens, like pollen and dust, out of your air ducts. When the ducts are sealed, it not only keeps the air in but keeps everything else out. If the pollen can’t get into your system, then your HVAC in Hanahan can’t blow it all around your house. It can take a few weeks to feel these benefits, but you may find yourself feeling healthier than ever at home.

If you’re attracted by the prospect of home energy saving in Hanahan or feeling better, call us today. We’ll come out and assess your home soon. We have a machine that we can hook up to your ductwork in Hanahan that will tell us how much air is escaping. If the number is high, we’ll let you know.

Choose duct sealing in Hanahan and we’ll inject Aeroseal into your system. This polymer begins working by attaching to the edges of the holes in your ducts, then attaches to itself. Before long, it has the holes completely filled! Don’t worry, though. We’ll test your HVAC in Hanahan again and tell you exactly how much we improved the escaping air problem.

Before you know it, you’ll be breathing easy at home again and you’ll have to decide how to spend all the money that you’re saving on energy costs. Don’t believe us? Call today to find out just how much others have saved!

We would love to help you install Aeroseal in your Hanahan home today! We’ll get you on our schedule soon, then send out an expert to get the job done. Make your appointment with Charleston Aeroseal today!