Leaking ductwork is no match for the durable powers of Aeroseal. We can use this to seal up any areas of concern at your property where you are losing air, comfortable temperatures, and money. Holes and cracks in your HVAC ducts could be affecting things at your place in Folly Beach without you even knowing it, so have the professionals at Charleston Aeroseal come take a look and lend a hand.

Upon examining your ducts, we can let you know if you could benefit from an Aeroseal being applied. The polymer-based product will seal the ducts and take care of up to 90% of air leakage issues. It lasts for up to 10 years and some clients have reported that it cuts their energy costs by over 40%.

Indicators You Need Duct Sealing

Air leaking out of your HVAC ducts is something that could be happening without you even knowing it. Even tiny little holes can create big impacts on your indoor climate, air quality, and energy bills. Look out for these indicators that mean you may need to have duct cleaning or sealing done.

· Sub-par performance from your HVAC system might not mean a faulty unit; it could be the ductwork. If there are leaks, the heated or cooled air can escape through them before ever reaching the rooms of your property in Folly Beach. Your system will work overdrive because of the air lost, and that puts strain on the appliance.

· If you have bad air quality inside, it could be due to dust coming into your ducts and vents through holes. Have our team seal ducts that are leaking at your place to stop the inflow of contaminated air. Aeroseal works from the inside out to ward off pollutants from entering.

Aeroseal for Folly Beach Properties

Call us for duct cleaning or sealing and you can expect experts to show up at your door. It only takes about an hour to get most problems closed up. The technicians on our staff are polite and professional and always clean up after themselves.

We start by plugging up parts of the HVAC system so that any air that wants to escape must do so from the leaks, which allows us to locate all the problem areas. Next, we use high-tech equipment to electronically test exactly how much air is leaking. The polymer is applied and we use a machine to pressurize the air, helping the Aeroseal to attach to the edges of the leaks and seal the ducts. Once we finish, our technicians always make sure they have solved the issue by testing their work, and if there is any air still escaping we will add more as necessary.