Does it seem like the heater or AC at your Ravenel property is working as well as it should? Are there huge temperature differences and variations between different rooms of your building? Is the air quality inside less than ideal? The reason for these could be that you experiencing a large loss of air through leaking air ducts. Charleston Aeroseal is a division of C&C Myers that offers expert duct sealing to reduce this from happening and allow property owners to get the most out of their HVAC systems.

If you think your ductwork may have some issues, reach out to us about how we can be of assistance. There could be an issue present, that you are not even aware of, costing you much more than you should be paying in heating and cooling costs. We offer free inspections and estimates in Ravenel, so you can be aware of the problem before making any decisions.

Duct Sealing Benefits

Holes in your ducting and ventilation system could be costing you a lot of money without you even knowing it. HVAC systems are typically the largest part of a property’s power usage, but often they are overrun because leaking air ducts cause them to not heat or cool a space as efficiently. When you have duct sealing performed by Charleston Aeroseal, the difference in how much more you are getting out of your system will be immediately apparent.

The energy-saving ductwork services we offer in Ravenel can also save your health. Poor indoor air quality is directly linked to leaks in ductwork, because the holes allow irritants and dust in. Aeroseal works to fill in any leaks and keep contaminants out of your property.

Aeroseal Services in Ravenel

Our technicians use technology to locate any leaks and find out just how big they are. Most residences experience leaks of up to 30-40%, meaning almost half the air produced by the HVAC system is going to waste.

Once we know what we are dealing with, we can apply the polymer-based Aeroseal to fill the holes and get your ducts back in good shape to serve your property well. It is guaranteed to last strong and keep you leak-free for 10 years, but stress tests have shown it can last up to four decades. After we finish duct sealing measures in Ravenel, we again test the leak area to ensure we handled it completely.

We can patch up to 90% of ductwork leaks with Aeroseal, which will translate to up to 30% less energy use. Your bills will decrease as a result, your property will reach comfortable temperatures easier, and the air will be cleaner.

Place your trust in our team of duct sealing specialists, and see how much more efficiently everything will run at your Ravenel home or business. We test all of our work to ensure we are leaving you with a ductwork system that is in much better condition. Call Charleston Aeroseal today!