Some people don’t know that there is something they can do to combat against the leaking ductwork that causes crazy temperature variations at their property. Charleston Aeroseal offers services to help seal up any little holes that may be creating major issues in terms of your energy bill or air quality. Reach out to us for more information on how we could help you in Wadmalaw Island.

If you suspect you have a problem at your property in Wadmalaw Island, we can use technology to see any air is escaping, and if so, how much. Any holes found in the ductwork can quickly be taken care of with an application of Aeroseal, a polymer-based product that can eliminate 90% of leaking duct issues.

Signs of a Ductwork Issue

Leaks in your air ducts are invisible, so it can be hard to even know that there is a problem. However, there are a few indicators that can signal you are in need of duct sealing. If these are present at your property in Wadmalaw Island, you can have Charleston Aeroseal come out and perform a free evaluation.

The first is that your HVAC system doesn’t seem to work well enough. Instead of something being wrong with the unit, it is possible that there are holes in your vents that are allowing the heated or cooled air to escape. Because of this, your system has to work harder to achieve the temperature you desire, so you run it more, leading to wear and tear and higher energy bills. There is a lot of data that supports how our energy-saving ductwork services can lower costs up to 40%, totaling hundreds of dollars a year.

Poor air quality is another sign that you may need professional duct sealing performed. Ventilation system leaks allow pollutants from the outside to get inside your property, irritating sinuses and breathing. Having holes sealed by Charleston Aeroseal means the indoor air quality at your place in Wadmalaw Island will improve while your mold and mildew risk lowers.

Aeroseal Solutions in Wadmalaw Island

Our energy saving ductwork services start and end by testing the leak, so we know if we took care of the problem completely. After prepping the area, we will seal the ducts with Aeroseal, which works from the inside out to fill in any gaps where air is escaping. We can typically be in-and-out in Wadmalaw Island in less than an hour, and you will start seeing the benefits of being leak-free almost immediately.

The duct sealing work we do is a part of a division of C&C Myers, the area’s trusted and awarded source for all things AC. We have almost 20 years of experience helping maintain properties in Wadmalaw Island, and have won the title of “Best AC company east of the Cooper” by Moultrie News five times. You can place your confidence in our technicians to take the ultimate care of your ducts and vents. So what’re you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule your service!