When you need a professional HVAC company to seal ducts that are leaking and letting out air, turn to the team at Charleston Aeroseal. We are experts at finding issues within ductwork, getting them closed up, and getting out of your hair – most cases, in less than an hour! With free inspections and estimates, there is nothing to lose in having us check if the ducts at your Ladson property are leaking. If they are, we can apply our polymer-based product that protects against them for up to 10 years.

Professional Ductwork Services

It is important to address any leaks that you may have in your ducts, because what may seem like tiny little holes can have major implications on things such as your power bill and your health. We are the team to call if you are in need of duct sealing or if you would like your HVAC system inspected because you suspect a problem. Any leaks at your Ladson property can be easily filled in by our Aeroseal experts.

We have the technology and the expertise to make sure that your system is airtight. Our technicians use machines to test and find out the exact amount of leakage present at properties in Ladson, before and after our work. And with 20+ years in the HVAC business, you can have full confidence in our team to seal ducts properly and help you get better use of your heating air conditioning.

Benefits of Aeroseal

Our duct sealing measures can save you a good deal of money by saving your property from losing air. When your HVAC unit is pumping warmed or cooled air into your vents but it is escaping through leaking air ducts, it has to work harder. Using Aeroseal to seal your ducts means the leaks can be filled up to 90% and your system won’t have to exert so much energy. This means your power bills in Ladson will be significantly lower; some of our customers experience them cut almost in half.

With more air getting through the vents as it should, your place can maintain a more consistent temperature. If you are constantly fidgeting with the thermostat at your place, the problem may be that hot and cold air is escaping. Sealing your ducts will prevent this so you can feel comfortable and not have to worry about the unreliability of your HVAC.

Having Aeroseal added to your vents is also a way of duct cleaning, as then they can’t let pollutants, contaminants, and other harmful things from the outside into the inside. Many people experience health problems related to the bad air quality inside places because they are breathing in these toxic things that seep in through leaks in the ductwork. When we do duct sealing, it makes sure that your system stays clean and doesn’t have any impurities floating through it.

Charleston Aeroseal can make sure your property is not experiencing massive air loss because of leaks in your HVAC system. Count on us for duct sealing and duct cleaning efforts in Ladson. Call our team today!