a man stands smiling because he's going to seal your charleston ducts and make you happyAre you interested in home energy saving in Ladson? Did you know that sealing your ducts can help you save both energy and the money you would spend on it? At Charleston Aeroseal, we have helped so many customers just like you. Call us today to find out more about duct sealing in Ladson and how we can help you keep more of your money in your own pocket.

How does duct sealing work?

When you call us, we’ll come talk to you about Aeroseal in Ladson and how duct sealing may be able to help you out. If you’re interested and you think it might be a good option for you and your family, we can schedule a time to come get that work done for you.

When we show up to seal your ductwork in Ladson, we’ll start by finding the best way to access your ducts. We’ll hook up our machines and run a test so you can see exactly how much air is escaping out of your ducts. This is basically your home trying to heat or cool the outside like your parents told you not to do when you were little!

Once we have that initial number, we’ll get started on your duct sealing in Ladson. We’ll seal off the system, then send the Aeroseal product through it. This polymer will bind first with the edges of the holes and cracks in your ductwork in Ladson, then to itself, until air can’t escape anymore. The system tells us when it is done.

When the Aeroseal process is complete, we’ll check your HVAC in Ladson once again. It should show us that so much less air is escaping now than was before. We’ll show you these numbers and even let you check the system for yourself.

Many people experience home energy saving in Ladson almost immediately. Your energy bills should be lower because your system won’t be sending so much air outside. Instead, all of that heated or cooled air should now be directed inside, where it can keep you comfortable. This means that your HVAC in Ladson will be able to hit your target temperatures faster, so it won’t have to run as long. And all of this means that you won’t spend as much on energy!

You may also find that duct sealing alleviates allergy and asthma symptoms. If you have significant holes in your system, these are not only a great way for air to escape the system but for dust and pollen to get into it. Once they’re in, the HVAC system can spread them around the house. Before long, you’ll be just as miserable inside as you are outside!

Aeroseal fixes all of these issues and more. Call us today to find out the full list of potential benefits, as well as to talk to our experts about whether it might be right for you. Get on our schedule soon to save money and breathe clean air again.