a man peers into his vents | north charleston duct sealing

Are you sick and tired of high heating and cooling costs? Or maybe you’d really like your allergy symptoms to stop when you’re at home, but instead they get worse? If either of these describes you, call us at Charleston Aerosea in North Charleston today. We’ll come to you when it’s convenient, assess your home, talk to you about duct sealing in North Charleston, and help you decide if our process is right for you.

The Aeroseal Process

If you decide to move forward with vent sealing in North Charleston, here’s what you can expect. The process will take longer if you have a larger house or more ductwork, but you can generally expect to be done in half a day to a day.

1. We’ll cover your ducts and vents and test your system. This shows us how much air you’re losing to cracks and breaks in your ductwork.

2. We’ll inject the Aeroseal polymer. This sticky polymer attaches to the edges of the cracks and breaks, then attaches to itself until it fills the holes. It won’t stick to the insides of your ducts and we only use as much as we need to solve your leaky duct problems.

3. We’ll let it dry. This usually takes about 2 hours.

4. We’ll test your system again. This shows us whether we effectively sealed all of the cracks and should show much less air escaping the system than before.

5. You save money and breathe easier at home.

It’s really that simple. In just a few hours, you can have cleaner air and a more energy-efficient heating and cooling system. Call us to make your appointment for Aeroseal in North Charleston today. We can also come out and assess your home to see if this is a good option for you.